Basketball players everywhere are rolling their waistbands. Here’s why.

Basketball players everywhere are rolling their waistbands. Here’s why.

3 reasons why players roll their basketball shorts.

By now, if you’re a basketball fan, you’ve seen it. Basketball players at every level are flipping the waistband of their basketball shorts. From Lebron James to elite men’s and women’s college teams to high school and local pickup games—it’s literally everywhere, in gyms around the world at every level of the game.

But why?

That’s a good question. We’ve taken a closer look at the reasons ballers around the basketball world are flipping their waistbands.

1: Short is back.

The first reason is simple: players prefer shorter basketball shorts now. In the late 1990s through the early 2000s, baggy shorts were what every basketball player wore. Not today. Now, players have returned to a more classic look, one where the shorts are actually, well, short.

Because some players don’t like the length of the shorts in their size, they roll the waistband to get the look and fit they actually want.

2: Getting in the zone.

Athletes can be particular, specific and extremely superstitious. Some players might push down their socks if they’re not playing well, take off their headband, switch shoes at half time. These types of actions aren’t unusual. In fact, they’re quite common.

Flipping the waistband of their basketball shorts gives players another avenue to get into the zone. If they aren’t playing at the level they want, they can flip the waistband and potentially gain a mental edge. “Now it’s time to get serious and turn up my play.”

3: Style is everything.

Style and basketball have always gone hand-in-hand. Perhaps the best example is in the outfits NBA players wear to the games and in press conferences. Today, possibly more than ever before, basketball players are also fashion icons. And this sense of fashion is not limited to professional and college players. Men and women in gyms around the country are, and have been, bringing style to the game, on and off the court.

Rolling the waistband of their basketball shorts is just one more way basketball players are innovating, adding style to the game and expressing themselves.

You rock. We roll.

Basketball players everywhere are rolling the waistband of their shorts. It’s a clear style that's officially arrived. To help players express their game, style and individuality through this trend, dbl Athletic has developed shorts designed to be rolled, featuring a patented waistband.

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